Life Science Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center (LSETDC) were established in July 2013 and well equipped with 1633 instruments to cater for the needs of fifteen undergraduate courses every year. There are a professional teaching group, formed with faculty members, experienced engineers and laboratory technicians, dedicated to maintaining, developing and improve the labs and undergraduate training in experimental biology.
南方科技大学生命科学实验教学示范中心(简称中心)前身为南方科技大学生物教学实验室,始建于2013年,由基础教学实验室、科研创新实验室和实训基地等三部分组成, 现有教学设备1633台/套,总价值1750万元,面积约1500平米。中心开设了15 门实验教学课程。实验教学团队由教授、工程师和实验员组成,共同致力于实验课程品质的提升。
  • 杰出学人大讲堂004期:How to decorate a molecular spear with deadly toxins: functions of the type VI protein secretion system in microbe-host interaction